Archiprix – International Architecture


The main goal of this project is to show that it is possible to demonstrate from ideas, thoughts or fact interpretations how architecture, as a space shifter, can transform/translate in a materialized way a historical reality of a certain location: it would be the translation of arts through spatial reading.
In the studied case, the art in question is the lyricism developed in the Manguebeat Movement, which will be transmitted through an architectonic opus. The essence of the movement is going to be inserted in this work along with a formal conceptual experience, which will allow a spatial reading as a cultural conduit.
Antromangue was conceived as mean to foster a better comprehension of the Cultural Heritage and Environmental awareness through the activities carried out.
Is a space where people can enjoy and learn about the culture of Recife in a collective playful way, respecting the power of choice of every single individual. The user will have his own interpretation on the space and will explore it in his own way. On each look, there will be different points of view, a surprise on each movement, suggesting that the Antromangue’s organized chaos allows ideas to go around continuously, but the users have the freedom to select their path and ideas. Exactly because of the lyricism developed in Manguebeat Movement, a conceptualization of the Antromangue Cultural Center couldn’t overlook what is “to come”. In this scope, nothing is completely traced or limited, considering both both the path and the art created there. The space itself will add in new features and new dynamic.
The volumes were inserted strategically for each activity, what doesn’t prevent the dynamic and the exchange of the different ways of cultural production. The living areas in and out the classrooms add values that are somehow lost in Recife. The contemplation, the sharing, the exchange, the feeling of preserve the hometown, the creation all together fill the gaps in every rooms of the building. It is not necessary to be in a classroom to learn or teach.
The view of the external world will always be possible due to the great permeability to the city landscape. The eyes wide open to the reality results in the responsibility of being a world citizen. “There is only smart crabs leaving this mangrove”. The Antromangue highlights the kind of architecture that builds not only spaces, but the social responsibility conscience.
The location of the user in each Antromangue’s room is the thing that will establish his standpoint and will pass on a message and conscience of the action and movement possibility. What’s your role in the Antromangue? What’s your position up to the chaos around you? Renewing, information, rescue, exchange, preservation, production, cultural recreation. “Do it yourself". 'Ride your own minds”. The universal connection highlights each cultural particularity, denying the false expectations of homogenization between their selves and breaks the principle of any kind of hierarchy.

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